What is our aim?

One of the core values we uphold is to be beneficial to all of creation; especially towards human beings and to enjoin their hearts with love and compassion.

For this reason, without prejudice of religion, nationality, race or colour, we aim to introduce to eight billion humans The Human User Manual (HUM), even though they may not be aware of the enlightened message.   We endeavour to link people with digital resources in the hope of prescribing applicable solutions and to relieve people from materialistic concerns and spiritual depression prevalent within today’s society.

Why all eight billion of us?

We want to help all of humanity, as we aspire for them to be in peace and harmony in both realms of existence. As we are all the children of the Prophet Adam, The HUM is not only for a select group of people; it is for all of humanity.

Why a “Human User Manual?”

Much like how today’s technology gadgets include a user manual as part of their packaging, the Creator’s final message is the “Human User Manual”, which has been sent for all of humanity and future generations.

If The HUM is read free from any preconceptions, a clear conscious,  and is reflected through our actions, then the Creator will provide with generosity, an abundance of goodness beyond our imagination, in this world and the hereafter.