What is the HUM?

The HUM is an abbreviation for The Human User Manual. Since the beginning of time, the Creator has sent many books, Prophets, glad tidings of mercy and warnings of consequences of misguidance. These sacred books and Prophets chosen have always expressed the same message. However over time, these divine messages were forgotten, superseded or distorted and as a result the Creator has resent His message. Every Prophet has renewed this message according to the understanding of his time and society and has pointed out the deviations from the truth and rectified it. “For this reason mankind must always follow the last messenger and his message.”

The last Prophet sent to all of mankind and the revelation to him is the Human User Manual. The HUM invites all humans to the Oneness of the Creator. It advises to abandon the distortion of religion, polytheism and the concept of a trinity. It commands love, brotherhood, compassion, justice, charity and kindness while forbidding denial, tyranny, exploitation of religion, arrogance, injustice, immorality and evil. For this reason The HUM is a call to the divine truth. It is just, spiritually fulfilling, constructive, unifying and progressive.

The HUM is the blueprint sent to us by His mercy and grace; it is the “instruction book” presented to us in order to utilise every blessing and opportunity in the most productive manner and to live life in the most positive and correct way. It is in line with our natural disposition. The purpose of life cannot be deciphered before belief in The HUM without prejudice, and embracing its teachings. Without it, harmony within nature and the universe cannot be achieved. Opportunities presented in life cannot be best utilised and will be both physically and spiritually regretful for eternity.

The HUM not only holds the key the success of ones hereafter but also much of the keys to worldly peace and order. It is the gateway to personal, communal, national and world success.

The HUM is too magnificent to keep to one’s self. It is the manual that covers the universal principles of life. It is more than a personal faith system of worship and rituals, it teaches far greater values and delves into topics transcend our world and the universe. It covers the material, medical, domestic, sociological, economical, commercial, military, disciplinary, scientific and cultural system without shortcomings or faults. It is not a withdrawn monastery guide that is disconnected from the world. It is rather a dynamic guide oriented at life, community and the state; including the interrelation complexities that come with it. It is the teacher of living our whole life according to the will of the Creator.

The Human User Manual is vehemently opposed to mechanising certain worships or principles, in fact it forbids it. These great principles need to be practised in accordance with its universal and just injunctions with divine love. It is to be performed without prejudice in order for individual and communal prosperity.

The Creator has created humans for none other than obedience to Him. Obedience isn’t confined to just a human-and-Creator relationship. As a requirement of this relationship, it entails relationships between;

– Human-and-human

– Human-and-animal

– Human-and-environment

In fact, one of the core principles The HUM revolves around is the servitude of creation as much as serving the Creator. Another point emphasised by The HUM is that service to the Creator and community can only be achieved by implementing its principles without prejudice. In the age where many individual and sociological illnesses exist, the prescription for humanity from these illnesses is contained within the Human User Manual.

A practitioner of the Human User Manual who has committed a great sin addresses the wounds of its society by performing a selfless dead such as feeding and clothing the poor to seek forgiveness. The Human User Manual influences ones social life and inspires how one spends their wealth.

The HUM is not a book of rules that forsakes the individual for the society. It is so that the people who make up their society are guided to live a happy, peaceful, and prosperous life that is at peace with ones self. The Human User Manual employs balance, abolishing disproportion by giving importance to the individual as well as society. It provides a framework to disallow one to oppress another.

In short, the Human User Manual presents a system that can influence every moment of ones life and every outcome that follows it.